Monday, February 28, 2011

~-~ Wright Harmony Designs ~-~
~ Photography - babies, families, special events, birthdays, homes, graduates, weddings, engagements, pregnancy, scenes and words. 
~ Photo Editing - Black & White with Color, touch-ups, Background Removal or Blur,  Text addition, Enhancement, Restoration, etc.
~ Personalized Art - I paint sayings, insects, animals, collages, flowers, crosses, names, initials, etc. on:  canvases, fabric, clothes, & wood.  You tell me or show me what you want and I will get to creating a personalized piece. 
~ Customized Greetings and Stationery - photo cards, birthday invitations, thank you cards, engagement/save the date cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, and one-of-a-kind stationery.  Some computer generated.  Some hand painted. 
If you would like to contact me for more information feel free to call - (850)246-2462 or email me at
I look forward to hearing from you!